Products // Pappwabenmöbel // 2018

Recycling Designpreis Nominee 2018 and Exhibition at Marta Herford

Echt Alt / Original Old – International Upcycling Fair in Leipzig 2018

Orgatec Special Exhibition: „Materials Culture“ 2018

In my closer environment honeycomb cardboard is regularely used for privacy protection, presentation platforms or for quick modelmaking. After a short time this „worn“ material is not needed anymore, so that I collect it for further use. When there is sufficient material on hold, it is sawn up and glued together into handy pieces. Now these blocks of Material are ready for chipping via cnc-milling-technology.
Therefore a 3d-model was drawn with CAD-Software. Also the programming of the CNC-mashine was managed inside of the software environment. Beside of some glue and some duct tape nothing was bought. The furniture is entirely made out of recycled material.